Why Use Pecan Oil?

We always hear from people who ask us this question…”how do I use pecan oil?”

Our answer is simple; use it just like you would olive oil or butter.  As a matter of fact, pecan oil is a great substitute for both of those fats to use in your everyday cooking.  Pecan oil has a very subtle nutty flavor and some say it has no flavor at all!  This is a great advantage for those who want to taste the flavor and seasoning of the food they are cooking as olive oil has a very distinct taste and butter, even though it tastes great, it’s very fattening.

Barbecuing and grilling can sometimes dry out the chicken, pork or beef you are cooking.  We ALWAYS rub the meat we grill with pecan oil before seasoning to give it a barrier from flare ups and to protect the outer portion of the meat from burning.  Then after applying sauce to our meats and before we remove them from the grill, we’ll baste the meats with a thin layer of pecan oil to help preserve the moisture in the meat making it perfect and juicy!

Pecan oil is also the perfect oil to use when cooking eggs of any kind.  Eggs are delicate and have a subtle flavor and using a heavy, salty oil overwhelms the egg which pecan oil lets the flavor of the egg come through.  Another great way to use pecan oil is baking.  Ask any chef and they will tell you the better oil quality used the more moist and flavorful that baked items will perform.  Try it when baking cakes or making pie dough.  Cornbread comes out SO AMAZING as the pecan oil makes the outside of the cornbread super crispy while the inside is very moist and rich!  Cakes come out very moist and rich so much so you will think the interior of the cake is soaking wet, but it really isn’t!

So you may be asking yourself, what’s the secret to pecan oil being so great to cook with?  Four things make it a superior cooking oil:

  1. Light Neutral Flavor
  2. Low in Saturated Fat
  3. High Smoke Point
  4. Long Shelf Life

Light Neutral Flavor – since it has little taste it won’t cover up or mask the flavor of the foods you are cooking.  Delicate foods such as salad dressings, fish or cakes come out tasting the way they should.

Low  Saturated Fat – pecan oil is 1/3 less in saturated fat than olive oil and 2/3’s less than butter making it very healthy to consume.  It has more of the good fats that you need for good health and less of the bad fats that can clog your arteries.  It is simply the worlds most well balanced oil there is on the market.  We still like olive oil for some things but prefer pecan oil for most things.

High Smoke Point – pecan oil has a smoke point of 470 degrees making it one of the most durable and resilient oils you can buy.  It is the perfect oil to use when you want to cook a $20 piece of salmon, halibut or sword fish at home.  Chef’s at leading restaurants will press their own pecans into oil in the kitchen and use this to sear expensive cuts of fish at a very high heat which will cook the fish to a crispy golden brown on the outside and allow the tender flakes of the fish to gently cook the inside to a moist perfection.  There is nothing worse than overcooked fish and with pecan oil, you can cook like the pros!

It lasts a Long Time – since we winterize pecan oil you can keep it in your refrigerator or freezer for as long as you have it and it will not go bad or rancid.  If you leave it on your counter it will be good for about six months but we certainly hope you use it often enough so you can realize the wonderful health benefits this amazing product offers!

Expeller Pressing – Expeller pressing of pecan nuts is a mechanical process for extracting the oil from the pecan.  The pecans are squeezed under high pressure in a single step.  We use a hydraulic screw press as the temperature generated in this process is about 120⁰ Fahrenheit.  We do not use solvents or chemicals while pressing the pecans.

Winterization Method – Winterization, also known as “dewaxing” is a form of filtering to remove the natural waxes found in all vegetable and nut oils. Winterization is performed as a way to extend the shelf life of the oil and to allow it to be refrigerated without clouding or thickening. The unfiltered, freshly pressed pecan oil is chilled to a temperature of 45⁰ Fahrenheit allowing waxes to congeal to a solid state. It is then filtered and placed into a centrifuge and spun at high RPM’s to separate the waxes and the oil. The oil is then retained and captured for deodorizing.

Deodorization Method – To deodorize the pecan oil, the oil and water are placed in a centrifuge and spun at high RPM’s to separate the oil and water. Since the oil is lighter, it is released into a secondary bowl and drained into a drum. The water remains behind along with the odor causing particles that are removed leaving it virtually flavorless. There are no chemicals or solvents used in this process. By removing these particles, it reduces the chance of bacterial growth and prolongs the life of the oil.

Shelf Life – Pecan oil has a shelf life in the unopened bottle, kept from heat and light of two years. Once opened, the oil will last 6 months at room temperature. Pecan oil can be refrigerated and will not get cloudy or thicken and can dramatically extend the life of the oil without any degradation.