GO_TEXAN_mark_Red_lowres_RGB_small_PNGTexas Pecan Ranch was created to offer the riches of this state’s agricultural heritage to the people of Texas and those who visit her vast fruit orchards, wine vineyards, nut orchards and even the burgeoning beginnings of olive orchards.  It’s all Texas and it’s all good.  What is the only state that has designated its official tree as the Pecan Tree?

 Texas is the only one.  Why would you buy pecan products from any other state? Sure, other states grow pecans and ship them all over but none reveres this special nut as much as those who call Texas home.

Soon, we’ll begin offering more than just Texas Pecan Oil for sale as we are working with many food producers around Texas to offer the best gourmet food gifts this great state has to offer.  Check back often for unique offerings in the coming months.

Our Pecan Oil is bottled and packed in Texas by Texas people. The pecans are sourced in Texas where they are pressed and used in the filling of each and every bottle.  Soon we’ll have a Garlic Infused and a spicy Chili Garlic Infused Pecan Oil that is every bit as good and healthy as the original Natural Pecan Oil.

Texas Pecan Ranch is a proud Member of the GO TEXAN agricultural program.